Thursday, March 16, 2006

Google Maps - Points of Interest 

Saw The Hills Have Eyes last weekend, and that got my curiosity going about the bomb tests that were done in the 50's and 60's. There's a scene in the movie where someone looks out onto the desert to see giant crater after giant crater. That scene could easily have ben CG, but I thought I'd check out Google Maps. Here's a whole valley of nuclear bomb test craters. Check out that huge sucker just north of this area.

And if we scroll just north-east of there, we see Area 51.

Nothing too weird here. No aliens. But what the heck are those two ball shaped structures here? You can see by the shadow it casts, that it's raised in the air, and also partially transparent with a solid ball or circle shape in the middle. The left one zoomed up. The right one is similar in size but seems to have a different internal structure, as seen by the shadow it casts. What are these? Radar antenae with sand screen?

Speaking of weird ball shapes, this one is hard to explain. Someone on the web claims to live near there and claims there's no tower or anything. (Seems unlikely to stick a tower in the middle of a neighborhood like that anyways). So what is it?

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